Standard NBN EN 933-1:2012

Tests for geometrical properties of aggregates - Part 1: Determination of particle size distribution - Sieving method
Publication date
91.100.15 Mineral materials and products
Summary :
This European Standard describes the reference washing and dry sieving method used for type testing and in case of dispute, for determination of the particle size distribution of aggregates. For other purposes, in particular factory production control, other methods may be used, provided that an appropriate working relationship with the reference method has been established. It applies to all aggregates, including lightweight aggregates, up to 90 mm nominal size, but excluding filler. NOTE 1 The determination of the grading of fillers is specified in EN 933-10 Assessment of fines — Grading of filler aggregates (air jet sievin
g). NOTE 2 Dry sieving without washing may be used for aggregates free from particles which cause agglomeration.
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