Standard NBN EN ISO 10993-18:2020

Biological evaluation of medical devices - Part 18: Chemical characterization of medical device materials within a risk management process (ISO 10993-18:2020)
Publication date
11.100.20 Biological evaluation of medical devices
Summary :
This document specifies a framework for the identification, and if necessary, quantification of constituents of a medical device, allowing the identification of biological hazards and the estimation and control of biological risks from material constituents, using a generally stepwise approach to the chemical characterization which can include one or more of the following: — the identification of its materials of construction (medical device configuratio
n); — the characterization of the materials of construction via the identification and quantification of their chemical constituents (material compositio
n); — the characterization of the medical device for chemical substances that were introduced during manufacturing (e.g. mould release agents, process contaminants, sterilization residue
s); — the estimation (using laboratory extraction condition
s) of the potential of the medical device, or its materials of construction, to release chemical substances under clinical use conditions (extractable
s); — the measurement of chemical substances released from a medical device under its clinical conditions of use (leachable
s). This document can also be used for chemical characterization (e.g. the identification and/or quantificatio
n) of degradation products. Information on other aspects of degradation assessment are covered in ISO 10993-9, ISO 10993-13, ISO 10993-14 and ISO 10993-15. The ISO 10993 series is applicable when the material or medical device has direct or indirect body contact (see ISO 10993-1 for categorization by nature of body contac
t). This document is intended for suppliers of materials and manufacturers of medical devices, to support a biological evaluation.
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