Standard NBN EN ISO 12215-8:2018

Small craft - Hull construction and scantlings - Part 8: Rudders (ISO 12215-8:2009, including Cor 1:2010)
Publication date
47.080 Small craft
Summary :
ISO 12215-8:2009 gives requirements on the scantlings of rudders fitted to small craft with a length of hull of up to 24 m, measured according to ISO 8666. It applies only to monohulls. ISO 12215-8:2009 does not give requirements on rudder characteristics required for proper steering capabilities. ISO 12215-8:2009 only considers pressure loads on the rudder due to craft manoeuvring. Loads on the rudder or its skeg, where fitted, induced by grounding or docking, where relevant, are out of scope and need to be considered separately. Scantlings derived from ISO 12215-8:2009 are primarily intended to apply to recreational craft including charter craft.
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