Standard NBN EN ISO 12625-7:2021

Tissue paper and tissue products - Part 7: Determination of optical properties - Measurement of brightness and colour with D65/10° (outdoor daylight) (ISO 12625-7:2021)
Publication date
85.080.20 Tissue paper
Summary :
This document specifies testing procedures for the instrumental determination of brightness and colour of tissue paper and tissue products viewed under outdoor daylight conditions. It also gives specific instructions for the preparation of test pieces (single-ply, multi-ply product
s) and for the optical measurements of products, where special precautions can be necessary. NOTE       The properties called ISO brightness and colour with C/2° (indoor dayligh
t) are measured with an instrument adjusted to a much lower UV content than that specified in this document. The measurements of ISO brightness and colour with C/2° (indoor dayligh
t) are described in ISO 12625-15.
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