Standard NBN EN ISO 17708:2018

Footwear - Test methods for whole shoe - Upper sole adhesion (ISO 17708:2018)
Publication date
61.060 Footwear
Summary :
This document describes a test method for determining the resistance to separation of the upper from the outsole, for separating adjacent layers of the outsole or for causing tear failure of the upper or the sole. It also defines conditions of ageing that can be used for production control. This document is applicable to all types of footwear (cementing, vulcanisation, injection moulding, etc.) where the evaluation of sole adhesion on the upper is needed and where the upper is continuously assembled (closed sho
e). NOTE 1 In all cases the objective is to test the bond strength nearest to the edge of the assembly. NOTE 2 The test need not be carried out when the bond has been made by grindery (using, for example, nails or screw
s) or stitching
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