Standard NBN EN ISO 18363-4:2021

Animal and vegetable fats and oils - Determination of fatty-acid-bound chloropropanediols (MCPDs) and glycidol by GC/MS - Part 4: Method using fast alkaline transesterification and measurement for 2-MCPD, 3-MCPD and glycidol by GC-MS/MS (ISO 18363-4:2021)
Publication date
67.200.10 Animal and vegetable fats and oils
Summary :
This part of ISO 18363 describes a rapid procedure for the simultaneous determination of 2-MCPD esters (bound 2-MCPD), 3-MCPD esters (bound 3-MCPD) and glycidyl esters (bound glycido
l) in a single assay, based on alkaline catalysed ester cleavage and derivatization of cleaved (fre
e) analytes with phenylboronic acid (PBA) prior to GC-MS/MS analysis. This method is applicable to solid and liquid fats and oils. This part of ISO 18363 can also apply to animal fats and used frying oils and fats, but a validation study must be undertaken before the analysis of these matrices. Milk and milk products (or fat coming from milk and milk product
s) are excluded from the scope of this international standard.
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