Standard NBN EN ISO 18541-2:2021

Road vehicles - Standardized access to automotive repair and maintenance information (RMI) - Part 2: Technical requirements (ISO 18541-2:2021)
Publication date
43.040.15 Car informatics. On board computer systems 43.180 Diagnostic, maintenance and test equipment
Summary :
This document includes technical requirements which are related to automotive repair and maintenance information (RMI) systems in order to standardize access to RMI for independent operators. This document specifies the minimum set of technical requirements related to a vehicle manufacturer's RMI system. These requirements will reflect the deriving needs from the use cases as specified in ISO 18541‑1. Furthermore, this document defines requirements for granting access to security-related RMI in Annex A following the SERMI scheme. This document is applicable to light passenger and commercial vehicles as defined in regulation (EC) 715/2007 Article 2 [15].
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