Standard NBN EN ISO 18610 : 2021

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Fine ceramics (advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics) - Mechanical properties of ceramic composites at ambient temperature in air atmospheric pressure - Determination of elastic properties by ultrasonic technique (ISO 18610:2016)
Publication date
81.060.30 Advanced ceramics
Summary :
ISO 18610:2016 specifies an ultrasonic method to determine the components of the elasticity tensor of ceramic matrix composite materials at room temperature. Young's moduli shear moduli and Poisson coefficients, can be determined from the components of the elasticity tensor. It applies to ceramic matrix composites with a continuous fibre reinforcement: unidirectional (1D), bidirectional (2D), and tridirectional (×D, with 2 < × = 3) which have at least orthotropic symmetry, and whose material symmetry axes are known. This method is applicable only when the ultrasonic wavelength used is larger than the thickness of the representative elementary volume, thus imposing an upper limit to the frequency range of the transducers used.
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