Standard NBN EN ISO 19345-2:2019

Petroleum and natural gas industry - Pipeline transportation systems -Pipeline integrity management specification - Part 2: Full-life cycle integrity management for offshore pipeline (ISO 19345-2:2019)
Publication date
75.200 Petroleum products and natural gas handling equipment
Summary :
This document specifies requirements and gives recommendations on the management of integrity of a pipeline system throughout its life cycle, which includes design, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance and abandonment. This document is applicable to offshore pipelines for transporting petroleum and natural gas. It is applicable to rigid steel pipelines. It is not applicable to flexible pipelines, dynamic risers or those constructed from other materials, such as glass-reinforced plastics. NOTE 1 An offshore pipeline system extends to: — the first valve, flange or connection above water on platform or subsea mechanical connector with subsea structure (i.e. manifold or dynamic rise
r); — the connection point to the offshore installation (i.e. piping manifolds are not include
d); — the first valve, flange, connection or isolation joint at a landfall, unless otherwise specified by the onshore legislation. NOTE 2 The components mentioned above (valve, flange, connection, isolation join
t) include also any pup pieces, i.e. the offshore pipeline system extends to the weld beyond the pup piece, see Figure 1. This document is used for integrity management, which is initiated at the design and construction stage of the pipeline. Where requirements of a design and construction standard (e.g. ISO 13623) are different, the provisions of this document will enhance the design and construction from an integrity perspective.
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