Standard NBN EN ISO 20504:2019

Fine ceramics (advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics) - Mechanical properties of ceramic composites at room temperature - Determination of compressive properties (ISO 20504:2019)
Publication date
Replaced by
81.060.30 Advanced ceramics
Summary :
This document describes procedures for determination of the compressive behaviour of ceramic matrix composite materials with continuous fibre reinforcement at room temperature. This method applies to all ceramic matrix composites with a continuous fibre reinforcement, uni-directional (1D), bi-directional (2D) and tri-directional (xD, with 2 < x < 3), tested along one principal axis of reinforcement or off axis conditions. This method also applies to carbon-fibre-reinforced carbon matrix composites (also known as carbon/carbon or C/C). Two cases of testing are distinguished: compression between platens and compression using grips.
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