Standard NBN EN ISO 20765-1:2018

Natural gas - Calculation of thermodynamic properties - Part 1: Gas phase properties for transmission and distribution applications (ISO 20765-1:2005)
Publication date
75.060 Natural gas
Summary :
This part of ISO 20765 specifies a method of calculation for the volumetric and caloric properties of natural gases, natural gases containing synthetic admixture and similar mixtures, at conditions where the mixture can exist only as a gas. The method is applicable to pipeline-quality gases within the ranges of pressure and temperature at which transmission and distribution operations normally take place. For volumetric properties (compression factor and densit
y), the uncertainty of calculation is about ± 0,1 % (95 % confidence interva
l). For caloric properties (for example enthalpy, heat capacity, Joule-Thomson coefficient, speed of soun
d), the uncertainty of calculation is usually greater.
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