Standard NBN EN ISO 23386:2020

Building information modelling and other digital processes used in construction - Methodology to describe, author and maintain properties in interconnected data dictionaries (ISO 23386:2020)
Publication date
35.240.67 IT applications in building and construction industry
Summary :
This document establishes the rules for defining properties used in construction and a methodology for authoring and maintaining them, for a confident and seamless digital share among stakeholders following a BIM process. Regarding the definition of properties and groups of properties, this document provides: — definitions of properties and groups of properties as a list of attributes; — definitions of all the provided attributes. Regarding the authoring and maintaining process, this document provides: — definitions and roles of applicants; — definitions and roles of experts and the commission of experts; — definitions of request's attributes; — definitions of expert's attributes; — requirements to establish the management rules to interconnect data dictionaries through the mapping process for properties and groups of properties. To apply the methodology of this document, it is presupposed that the following are in place: — an established governance model for a data dictionary; — a framework for a network of data dictionaries. It is not in the scope of this document to provide the content of the interconnected data dictionaries.
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