Standard NBN EN ISO 29200:2020

Soil quality - Assessment of genotoxic effects on higher plants - Vicia faba micronucleus test (ISO 29200:2013)
Publication date
13.080.30 Biological properties of soils
Summary :
The purpose of ISO 29200:2013 is to describe a method for assessing genotoxic effects (chromosome breakage or dysfunction of the mitotic spindl
e) of soils or soil materials on the secondary roots of a higher plant: Vicia faba (broad bea
n). This method allows the assessment of genotoxicity (toxicity for genetic materia
l) of soils and soil materials like compost, sludge, waste, fertilizing matters, etc. Two ways of exposure can be considered: a direct exposure of plants to the soil (or soil materia
l) which is relevant for the real genotoxic potential and an exposure of plants to the water extract of the soil (or soil materia
l). This last way of exposure to a leachate or an eluate allows the detection of the mutagens which are not adsorbed to soils and which may be transferred to aquatic compartments. Moreover, this test may be used to evaluate genotoxic effects of chemical substances and to waters, effluents, etc.
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