Standard NBN EN ISO 6647-2:2020

Rice - Determination of amylose content - Part 2: Spectrophotometric routine method without defatting procedure and with calibration from rice standards (ISO 6647-2:2020)
Publication date
67.060 Cereals, pulses and derived products
Summary :
This document specifies two simplified routine methods for the determination of the amylose mass fraction of milled rice, non-parboiled. The main difference between the two methods is the dispersion procedure: method A specifies hot dispersion, and method B specifies cold dispersion. Both methods are applicable to rice with an amylose mass fraction higher than 5 %. NOTE These methods describe simplified procedures for the preparation of samples, which are frequently used in routine laboratories. The methods use the same reagents as the reference method (see ISO 6647-1), but omit the defatting step. Rice samples where the amylose mass fraction has been determined by the reference method are used as standards.
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