Standard NBN ISO 11418-7:2021

Containers and accessories for pharmaceutical preparations — Part 7: Screw-neck vials made of glass tubing for liquid dosage forms (ISO 11418-7:2016)
Publication date
11.040.20 Transfusion, infusion and injection equipment 11.120.99 Other standards related to pharmaceutics
Summary :
This part of ISO 11418 specifies the design, dimensions, material and requirements of screw-neck vials for pharmaceutical preparations. Screw-neck vials are applicable to primary packs used in direct contact with a drug. This part of ISO 11418 applies to colourless or amber glass vials made from borosilicate or soda-lime- silica glass, made from glass tubing and intended to be used in the packaging, storage or transportation of pharmaceutical products. NOTE The potency, purity, stability and safety of a drug during its manufacture and storage can be strongly affected by the nature and performance of the primary pack.
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