Standard NBN ISO 11452-2:2020

Road vehicles — Component test methods for electrical disturbances from narrowband radiated electromagnetic energy — Part 2: Absorber-lined shielded enclosure (ISO 11452-2:2019)
Publication date
33.100.20 Immunity
Summary :
This document specifies an absorber-lined shielded enclosure method for testing the immunity (off-vehicle radiation sourc
e) of electronic components for passenger cars and commercial vehicles regardless of the propulsion system (e.g. spark-ignition engine, diesel engine, electric moto
r). The device under test (DUT), together with the wiring harness (prototype or standard test harnes
s), is subjected to an electromagnetic disturbance generated inside an absorber-lined shielded enclosure, with peripheral devices either inside or outside the enclosure. It is applicable only to disturbances from continuous narrowband electromagnetic fields. See ISO 11452-1 for general test conditions.
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