Standard NBN ISO 11513:2020

Gas cylinders — Refillable welded steel cylinders containing materials for sub-atmospheric gas packaging (excluding acetylene) — Design, construction, testing, use and periodic inspection (ISO 11513:2019)
Publication date
23.020.35 Gas cylinders
Summary :
This document specifies minimum requirements for the material, design, construction, workmanship, examination and testing at manufacture of refillable welded steel cylinders for the sub-atmospheric pressure storage of liquefied and compressed gases. It only applies to the cylinders themselves, irrespective of the materials contained therein (e.g. adsorbents, media, materials and/or gase
s) and other related applications. The cylinders have a test pressure not greater than 42 bar and a water capacity from 0,5 l up to and including 12 l exposed to ambient temperatures for the purpose of facilitating the sub‑atmospheric pressure storage of liquefied and compressed gases as adsorbed gases. Minimum requirements for inspection at the time of fill and periodic inspection and testing are also specified.
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