Standard NBN ISO 11992-3:2021

Road vehicles — Interchange of digital information on electrical connections between towing and towed vehicles — Part 3: Application layer for equipment other than brakes and running gear (ISO 11992-3:2021)
Publication date
43.040.15 Car informatics. On board computer systems
Summary :
This document specifies the application layer, the payload of messages, and parameter groups for equipment other than brakes and running gears, to ensure the interchange of digital information between road vehicles with a maximum authorized total mass greater than 3 500 kg and their towed vehicles, including communication between towed vehicles. This document supports the parameters and message sets for object detection (OD). The installation of the object detection (OD) device compliant to this document in the towed vehicle is identified by a dedicated message. Additionally, some lighting parameters and messages are specified. The conformance and interoperability test plans are not part of this document.
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