Standard NBN ISO 12219-7:2021

Interior air of road vehicles — Part 7: Odour determination in interior air of road vehicles and test chamber air of trim components by olfactory measurements (ISO 12219-7:2017)
Publication date
13.040.20 Ambient atmospheres 43.020 Road vehicles in general
Summary :
This document specifies a standardized and objective process to analyse and determine the olfactory behaviour of components, semi-finished products and materials fitted in the interior of road vehicles. The odour determination is either performed by using samples from the interior air of road vehicles or from emission test chamber air. This document describes an olfactory screening method based on different scales for the olfactory assessment which are described in the annexes. Other olfactory assessments, e.g. according to ISO 16000-28, are also possible but are not the focus of this document.
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