Standard NBN ISO 13332:2019

Reciprocating internal combustion engines -- Test code for the measurement of structure-borne noise emitted from high-speed and medium-speed reciprocating internal combustion engines measured at the engine feet (ISO 13332:2000)
Publication date
17.140.20 Noise emitted by machines and equipment
Summary :
This International Standard defines the procedure for measuring the capacity of a high-speed or medium-speed engine to generate vibration and the determination of the frequency limits of validity of the information quoted. The method described in this International Standard is not suitable for low-speed engines. This International Standard describes an engineering and not a precision method. Whether the tests are carried out on the test bed or on site shall be agreed between the user and the manufacturer. This International Standard applies to high-speed and medium-speed reciprocating internal combustion engines for land, rail traction and marine use, excluding engines used to propel agricultural tractors, road vehicles and aircraft. This International Standard may be applied to engines used to propel road-construction and earth-moving machines, industrial trucks and for other applications where no suitable International Standard for these engines exists.
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