Standard NBN ISO 13579-11:2019

Industrial furnaces and associated processing equipment - Method of measuring energy balance and calculating energy efficiency - Part 11: Evaluation of various kinds of efficiency (ISO 13579-11:2017)
Publication date
25.180.01 Industrial furnaces in general
Summary :
This document specifies classifications and designations in the methodology of energy efficiency evaluation of industrial furnaces and associated processing equipment (TPE), including energy efficiency in terms of exergy as well as enthalpy. This document does not apply to the following types of TPE: — blast furnaces, basic oxygen furnaces, coke ovens; — furnaces that generate gases to be used as fuel (including by-product gase
s); — special atmosphere gas generators; — industrial furnaces that are designed for chemical plants or petroleum plants; — installations where heating or combustion is performed in an open space; — installations that combust solid fuel; — waste incinerators
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