Standard NBN ISO 14990-3:2021

Earth-moving machinery — Electrical safety of machines utilizing electric drives and related components and systems — Part 3: Particular requirements for self-powered machines (ISO 14990-3:2016)
Publication date
53.100 Earth-moving machinery
Summary :
This document specifies the particular safety requirements for the electrical equipment and its components incorporated in self-powered (utilizing on-board electric power source
s) electrically- driven earth-moving machines (EMM
s). It is applicable to those machines using on-board voltages in the range of 50 V–36 kV AC r.m.s. at any frequency, and 75 V–36 kV DC — including any repetition rate of pulsating DC— intended for outdoor use. Voltages occurring within devices are not considered to be on-board voltages and are thus not within its scope. It is intended to be used in conjunction with ISO 14990-1, which gives general requirements for EMMs regardless of how they are powered. Requirements specific to externally-powered machines are given in ISO 14990-2. It is possible to have an EMM that is both self-powered and externally powered (e.g. a battery powered machine having a built-in charger with power supply functio
n), in which case ISO 14990-2 is also applicable. NOTE For machines intended to be operated on-road, automotive standard ISO 6469 and/or UN ECE R100 may provide useful guidance. See Annex B for a comparison of requirements.
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