Standard NBN ISO 16175-1:2021

Information and documentation — Processes and functional requirements for software for managing records — Part 1: Functional requirements and associated guidance for any applications that manage digital records (ISO 16175-1:2020)
Publication date
01.140.20 Information sciences
Summary :
This document provides model, high-level functional requirements and associated guidance for software applications that are intended to manage digital records (including digital copies of analogue source record
s), either as the main purpose of the application or as a part of an application that is primarily intended to enable other business functions and processes. It does not include: — functional requirements for applications that manage analogue records; — generic design requirements such as reporting, application administration and performance; — requirements for the long-term preservation of digital records in a dedicated preservation environment; NOTE The model requirements are intended to encourage the deployment of applications that do not hinder long-term preservation of records. As such, some of the requirements support long-term digital preservation outcomes. — implementation guidance for applications that manages analogue and/or digital records. Such guidance can be found in ISO/TS 16175-2:—2) .
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