Standard NBN ISO 17442:2019

Financial services -- Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) (ISO 17442:2012)
Publication date
03.060 None 3.060 Finances. Banking. Monetary systems. Insurance
Summary :
This International Standard specifies the elements of an unambiguous legal entity identifier (LEI) scheme to identify the legal entities relevant to any financial transaction. The term “legal entities” includes, but is not limited to, unique parties that are legally or financially responsible for the performance of financial transactions or have the legal right in their jurisdiction to enter independently into legal contracts, regardless of whether they are incorporated or constituted in some other way (e.g. trust, partnership, contractua
l). It excludes natural persons, but includes governmental organizations and supranationals. The LEI is designed for automated processing. It may also be conveniently used in other media interchange when appropriate (e.g. paper document exchang
e). NOTE Examples of eligible legal entities include, without limitation: - all financial intermediaries; - banks and finance companies; - all entities that issue equity, debt or other securities for other capital structures; - all entities listed on an exchange; - all entities that trade stock or debt, investment vehicles, including mutual funds, pension funds and alternative investment vehicles constituted as corporate entities or collective investment agreements (including umbrella funds as well as funds under an umbrella structure, hedge funds, private equity funds, etc.); - all entities under the purview of a financial regulator and their affiliates, subsidiaries and holding companies; - counterparties to financial transactions.
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