Standard NBN ISO 18400-203:2020

Soil quality — Sampling — Part 203: Investigation of potentially contaminated sites (ISO 18400-203:2018)
Publication date
13.080.05 Examination of soils in general
Summary :
This document gives guidance on the: — investigation of sites, where either it is known that soil contamination is present, or the presence of soil contamination is suspected; — investigation of sites where no soil contamination is expected, but the soil quality is to be determined (e.g. to make sure that there is no contamination presen
t); — investigation in anticipation of a need to manage re-use or disposal of excavated soil which might be contaminated; — collection of information that is necessary for risk assessment and/or the development of remedial action plans (e.g. whether remediation is required and suggestions as to how this might be best achieve
d). Although the information on soil quality for the risk assessment and/or the development of remedial action plans is gathered by applying this document, it does not give guidance on the decisions and actions that follow from a site investigation, for example, risk assessment and decisions about the requirements for remediation (if an
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