Standard NBN ISO 18566-2:2021

Building environment design — Design, test methods and control of hydronic radiant heating and cooling panel systems — Part 2: Determination of heating and cooling capacity of ceiling mounted radiant panels (ISO 18566-2:2017)
Publication date
91.040.01 Buildings in general
Summary :
This document defines technical specifications and requirements of free hanging (suspende
d) heating and dry cooling only surfaces with an air gap between construction and the emitter (not embedde
d) with or without an insulation fed with water at temperatures below 120 °C connected with a centralized heating and/or cooling supply source intended to be installed in buildings. Ceiling mounted radiant panels covered by this document are limited to a width from 0,3 m up to 1,5 m. This document also defines the additional common data that the manufacturer provides to the trade, in order to ensure the correct application of the products.
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