Standard NBN ISO 22762-1:2021

Elastomeric seismic-protection isolators — Part 1: Test methods (ISO 22762-1:2018)
Publication date
83.140.99 Other rubber and plastics products
Summary :
This document specifies the test methods for determination of
a) the properties of the rubber material used to manufacture the elastomeric seismic isolators, and
b) the characteristics of elastomeric seismic isolators. It is applicable to elastomeric seismic isolators used to provide buildings or bridges with protection from earthquake damage. The isolators covered consist of alternate elastomeric layers and reinforcing steel plates which are placed between a superstructure and its substructure to provide both flexibility for decoupling structural systems from ground motion, and damping capability to reduce displacement at the isolation interface and the transmission of energy from the ground into the structure at the isolation frequency.
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