Standard NBN ISO 23309:2021

Hydraulic fluid power systems — Assembled systems — Methods of cleaning lines by flushing (ISO 23309:2020)
Publication date
23.100.40 Piping and couplings
Summary :
This document specifies the procedures for flushing particulate contamination from the hydraulic lines and components of hydraulic fluid power systems which is: — residual in the components after manufacture; — introduced into the system during the assembly of a new system; or — introduced into the system after system failure, maintenance or modification of an existing system. The aim of flushing the system is to quickly remove this contamination to reduce the amount of wear and damage that results if these particles are allowed to circulate around the system. This document is not applicable to: — the chemical cleaning and pickling of hydraulic tubes; — the cleaning of major system components (this is covered in ISO/TR 10949).
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