Standard NBN ISO 23907-2:2021

Sharps injury protection — Requirements and test methods — Part 2: Reusable sharps containers (ISO 23907-2:2019)
Publication date
11.040.99 Other medical equipment
Summary :
This document specifies requirements for reusable sharps containers intended to hold potentially hazardous sharps medical waste with or without sharps protection features, e.g. scalpel blades, trocars, hypodermic needles and syringes. This document is applicable to sharps containers that are supplied complete by the manufacturer and to those that are supplied as components intended to be assembled by the user. It is not applicable to single use sharps containers (refer to ISO 23907-1 for such container
s). This document includes design functionality for user safety, lifespan simulation, cleaning and decontamination, microbiological validation, quality monitoring and performance testing.
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