Standard NBN ISO 7176-7 : 2019

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Wheelchairs - Part 7: Measurement of seating and wheel dimensions (ISO 7176-7:1998)
Publication date
11.180.10 Aids and adaptation for moving
Summary :
This part of ISO 7176 specifies a method for measuring the seating and wheel dimensions of wheelchairs. It is applicable to wheelchairs and vehicles intended to provide indoor and outdoor mobility at speed up to 15 km/h for people with disabilities whose mass does not exceed 120 kg, including the following classifications from ISO 9999:1992: Electric motor-driven wheelchairs with manual steering 12 21 24 Electric motor-driven wheelchairs with power steering 12 21 27 Powered attendant-controlled wheelchairs 12 21 21 Manual attendant-controlled wheelchairs 12 21 03 Bimanual rear-wheel-driven wheelchairs 12 21 06 Bimanual front-wheel-driven wheelchairs 12 21 09 Bimanual lever-driven wheelchairs 12 21 12 Single-side-driven nonpowered wheelchairs driven by one arm or one leg 12 21 15 Foot-propelled wheelchairs 12 21 18 It does not apply to wheelchairs with a seat width of less than 212 mm. This part of ISO 7176 does not specify nominal seating and wheel dimensions for wheelchairs. NOTE For wheelchairs not covered by the scope, this part of ISO 7176 may still give an indication of where measurements should be made. Observe that for wheelchairs designed for users whose mass is significantly greater than the reference loader gauge (see Annex A) and which have compressible parts such as sprung wheels and/or seats, this measurement procedure may not give the correct seat measurements, as the compressible parts will not be fully compressed.
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