Standard NBN ISO/IEC 29138-1 : 2021

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Information technology — User interface accessibility — Part 1: User accessibility needs (ISO/IEC 29138-1:2018)
Publication date
11.180.99 Other standards related to aids for disabled and handicapped people 35.240.80 IT applications in health care technology
Summary :
This document identifies a collection of user accessibility needs that diverse users have of ICT systems to make these systems accessible to them. Each user accessibility need might be required of a system by an individual. Different users can have different sets of user accessibility needs in different contexts. While this set of user accessibility needs was developed for the domain of ICT, many of the user accessibility needs in this set also apply in other domains. This document does not provide requirements or specific processes and methods for the application and evaluation of user accessibility needs. However, it could inform the development of such requirements (see 5.4). This document is not designed for certification purposes or regulatory or contractual use. The user accessibility needs in this document are intended to inform and encourage those responsible for accessibility to go beyond the minimum provisions of accessibility legislation and regulations.
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