Standard NBN ISO/IEC 29341-24-10:2021

Information technology — UPnP Device Architecture — Part 24-10: Internet gateway device control protocol — Level 2 — Wide area network internet protocol — Connection service (ISO/IEC 29341-24-10:2017)
Publication date
35.200 Interface and interconnection equipment
Summary :
This document specifies the characteristics of the UPnP networked service named WANIPConnection, version 2. This service definition is compliant with UPnP Device Architecture 1.0 [1] . It is one component of the Device Control Protocol for the UPnP Internet Gateway Device (see [3]). This service enables a UPnP control point to:  configure and control an IP connection between a LAN client on one side of an Internet gateway (see [3]) and a WAN host on the other side;  manage any physical WAN interface—such as DSL or cable—that supports an IP connection. This service is a required in a WANConnectionDevice (see [5]) when the device supports an IP connection.
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