Standard NBN ISO/IEC 29341-26-15:2021

Information technology — UPnP Device Architecture — Part 26-15: Telephony device control protocol — Level 2 — Calendar service (ISO/IEC 29341-26-15:2017)
Publication date
35.200 Interface and interconnection equipment
Summary :
This service definition is compliant with [1]. It defines a service type referred to herein as Calendar. This service provides the following functionalities:  Manage the family calendar events and share calendar events between the family members.  Calendar events includes Reminders/Alarms/Free-BusyTime.  Synchronizing the local calendar events with family calendar.  Registrating for receiving the events notification on WAN side using any kinds of messaging service mechanism.  Memo handling : Posting simple memos, retrieveing memos.  Registrating for receiving the memo notifications on the WAN side using any kind of messaging service. This service does not provide the following functionalities:  Interaction between Telephony Server and network side calendar service
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