Standard NBN ISO/IEC 29341-30-2:2021

Information technology — UPnP Device Architecture — Part 30-2: IoT management and control device control protocol — IoT management and control device (ISO/IEC 29341-30-2:2017)
Publication date
35.200 Interface and interconnection equipment
Summary :
This document defines the device for IOT Management and Control, which identifies Level 1 of the device named IOT Management and Control. This Publicly Available Specification is applicable to Standardized DCPs of the UPnP Forum which include this device. This device definition is compliant with the UPnP Device Architecture version 1.0 [1]. It defines a device type referred to herein as IOT Management and Control device. This specification defines a general-purpose device that can be used to instantiate a bridge or gateway device that is connected to Sensors and Actuators. This device implements a bridge between the UPnP network and Sensors/Actuators endpoints. It exposes services to check the status, and send and receive data from Sensors. Sensors/Actuators may be connected using a variety of transport protocols including Bluetooth, ZigBee and IEEE 11073. The device defined herein provides the following capabilities: 1. Access and control of multiple Sensors and Actuators. 2. Expose configuration information from Sensors and Actuators. Figure 1 — IOT Management and Control Device Functional Diagram The shaded boxes represent UPnP services that are contained by the IOT Management and Control device. The un-shaded boxes represent device specific modules that are vendor specific.
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