Standard NBN ISO/IEC 30105-2:2021

Information technology — IT Enabled Services-Business Process Outsourcing (ITES-BPO) lifecycle processes — Part 2: Process assessment model (PAM) (ISO/IEC 30105-2:2016)
Publication date
35.080 Software development and system documentation
Summary :
ISO/IEC 30105 specifies the lifecycle process requirements performed by the IT enabled business process outsourcing service provider for the outsourced business processes. It defines the processes to plan, establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve its services. This document: — covers IT enabled business processes that are outsourced; — is not intended to cover IT services but includes similar, relevant process for completeness; — is applicable to the service provider, not to the customer; — is applicable to all lifecycle processes of ITES-BPO; — serves as a process assessment model for organizations providing ITES-BPO services that: — conforms to the requirements of ISO/IEC 33004; — supports the performance assessment by providing indicators for the interpretation of the process purposes and outcomes, as defined in ISO/IEC 24774, and the process attributes, as defined in ISO/IEC 33020. A process assessment model consists of a set of indicators for process performance and process capability. The indicators are used as a basis for collecting the objective evidence that enables an assessor to determine ratings. The set of indicators included in this document is not intended to be an all-inclusive set nor is it intended to be applicable in its entirety. Supersets and subsets that are appropriate to the context and scope of the assessment should be selected. The process assessment model in this document is directed at assessment sponsors and competent assessors who wish to select a model, and associated documented assessment process, for the ITES- BPO lifecycle processes, for risk determination or process improvement.
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