Standard NBN ISO/IEC 30107-4:2021

Information technology — Biometric presentation attack detection — Part 4: Profile for testing of mobile devices (ISO/IEC 30107-4:2020)
Publication date
35.240.15 Identification cards and related devices
Summary :
This document is a profile that provides requirements for testing biometric presentation attack detection (PAD) mechanisms on mobile devices with local biometric recognition. This document lists requirements from ISO/IEC 30107-3 specific to mobile devices. It also establishes new requirements not present in ISO/IEC 30107-3. For each requirement, the profile defines an Approach in Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) Testing for Mobile Devices. For some requirements, numerical values or ranges are provided in the form of best practices. This profile is applicable to mobile devices that operate as closed systems with no access to internal results, including mobile devices with local biometric recognition as well as biometric modules for mobile devices. Out of the scope of this document are the following: — mobile devices solely with remote biometric recognition. The attacks considered in this document take place at the sensor during the presentation and collection of the biometric characteristics. Any other attacks are outside the scope of this document.
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