Standard NBN ISO/IEEE 11073-10422:2021

Health informatics — Personal health device communication — Part 10422: Device specialization — Urine analyser (ISO/IEEE 11073-10422:2017)
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Summary :
Within the context of the ISO/IEEE 11073™ family of standards for device communication, this standard establishes a normative defi nition of communication between personal telehealth urine analyzer devices and managers (e.g., cell phones, personal computers, personal health appliances, set-top boxe
s) in a manner that enables plug-and-play interoperability. It leverages appropriate portions of existing standards including ISO/ IEEE 11073 terminology, information models, application profi le standards, and transport standards. It spec- ifi es the use of specifi c term codes, formats, and behaviors in telehealth environments restricting optionality in base frameworks in favor of interoperability. This standard defi nes a common core of communication func- tionality for personal telehealth urine analyzers.
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