Master Track ISO 9001: all about quality management in a unique learning programme (start date: 10-11-2020) (NL)

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NBN has developed a unique programme to teach all about this internationally recognised management standard. The ISO 9001 Master Track consists of four parts: an introduction to ISO 9001 in the form of an e-learning course, two in-depth classroom sessions (how to apply within a professional context & carry out a quality audit), and a final test with a classroom presentation. The icing on the cake: when you pass the exam and final test, you will get the title of ISO 9001 Certified Master.

Language: Dutch

- e-learning: free of choice
- Tu 10/11/2020: Expert training
- Th 19/11/2020: Audit training
- Th 26/11/2020: 1-on-1 coaching
- Fr 11/12/2020: exam (morning) and presentation (afternoon)

Place: NBN offices, rue Joseph II 40/box 6, 1000 Brussels
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