Norme CEN/TS 16931-2 : 2017

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Facturation électronique - Partie 2: Liste de syntaxes conformes avec EN 16931-1
Date de publication
35.240.20 Applications des TI en bureautique 35.240.63 Applications des TI dans le commerce
Sommaire :
Access to this CEN and NBN technical publication has been sponsored by the European Commission. Users are allowed to make derivative use of this publication. Derivative applications, which are based on or use information from this publication shall include a statement that is well visible to the users clarifying that this is an implementation of the publication and stating that such reproduction is with the permission of CEN and NBN as copyright owners. CEN and NBN bear no liability from the use of the content and implementation of such derivative application and give no warranties expressed or implied for any purpose of such implementation. In case of doubt, users shall always refer to the content of the publication provided by NBN which makes available the official authoritative text here: This Technical Specification provides in Clause 7 the list of syntaxes that complies with and allows to express syntactically the core invoice model as specified in EN 16931 1:2017, according to the selection criteria provided by the Standardization Request [1]. The selection of the syntaxes also derived from the Standardization Request [1]. It states that, to limit costs on public authorities, the list should ideally not exceed five syntaxes. Four syntaxes were taken into account and assessed according to criteria provided by the Standardization Request [1].
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