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Interfaces d'interopérabilité commerciale pour les marchés publics en Europe - Architecture - Partie 1 : Présentation et architecture
Date de publication
03.100.10 Approvisionnement. Achats. Logistique 35.240.20 Applications des TI en bureautique 35.240.63 Applications des TI dans le commerce
Sommaire :
Architecture provides the methodology by which the specifications and guidelines are developed within the CEN WS/BII3 Workshop. This covers areas from gathering requirements on which models are created to syntax production by which the models are represented. The list below is broken into Specifications, Guidelines and a Report. This naming convention is similar to Technical Specifications and Technical Reports which a CEN Technical or Project Committee delivers. The intention is that ultimately they will be adopted by an appropriate committee e.g. CEN PC 440 and updated to become part of their deliverables. For the purposes of this Workshop; a Specification is a document designed to provide normative statements to which users can claim conformance, a Guideline is a recommendation and is therefore an informative document, and a Report is a document which explores a topic for future discussion.
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