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Business Interoperability Interfaces for Public Procurement in Europe - Architecture - Part 111: Capturing Business Requirements specification
Date de publication
03.100.10 Approvisionnement. Achats. Logistique 35.240.20 Applications des TI en bureautique 35.240.63 Applications des TI dans le commerce
Sommaire :
The scope section is used to identify the outer boundaries of the intended use of the specification by defining what is included and possibly what is out of scope (sometimes defining what’s out of scope - in addition to what’s in scope - will help in understanding the contex
t). The scope section serves the purpose of quickly obtaining an understanding of the intentions and context of the specification. It can also be used to avoid so called “scope creep” (at least on a high leve
l). EXAMPLE Scope statements ¿ B2B and B2G ¿ Common business processes for cross industry and cross border invoicing ¿ Regional procurement within EU and EEA. The profile is expected to be applicable to other regions following a review of regional requirements. ¿ Mainly for purchase of goods and services and/or services that can be itemized. ¿ To enable both VAT and non VAT invoicing
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