Norme ASTM E2035-04

Terminologie standard relative à la psychophysiologie médico-légale
Date de publication
01.040.03 Sociologie. Services. Organisation et gestion de l'entreprise. Administration. Transport (Vocabulaires) 03.020 Sociologie. Démographie
Sommaire :

1.1 This is a compilation of terms and corresponding definitions used in forensic psychophysiology. Legal and scientific terms that generally are understood or defined adequately in other readily available sources may not be included.

1.2 A definition is a single sentence with additional information included in notes. It is reviewed every five years, and the year of the last review or revision is appended.

1.3 Definitions identical to those published by another standards organization or ASTM committee are identified with the abbreviation of the name of the organization or the identifying document and ASTM committee; for example, ASME is the American Society of Mechanical Engineering.

1.4 Definitions of terms specific to a particular field are identified with an abbreviation.

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