Norme NBN EN ISO 16645:2019

Radioprotection - Accélérateurs médicaux d'électrons - Exigences et recommandations pour la conception et l'évaluation du blindage (ISO 16645:2016)
Date de publication
13.280 Protection contre les rayonnements
Sommaire :
SO 16645:2016 is applicable to medical electron linear accelerators i.e. linear accelerators with nominal energies of the beam ranging from 4 MV to 30 MV, including particular installations such as robotic arm, helical intensity modulated radiotherapy devices and dedicated devices for intra operative radiotherapy (IORT) with electrons. The cyclotrons and the synchrotrons used for hadrontherapy are not considered. The radiation protection requirements and recommendations given in ISO 16645:2016 cover the aspects relating to regulations, shielding design goals and other design criteria, role of the manufacturers, of the radiation protection officer or qualified expert and interactions between stakeholders, radiations around a linear accelerator, shielding for conventional and special devices (including shielding materials and transmission values, calculations for various treatment room configurations, duct impact on radiation protectio
n) and the radiological monitoring (measurement
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