Norme NBN ISO 28004-4:2020

Systèmes de management de la sûreté pour la chaîne d'approvisionnement — Lignes directrices pour la mise en application de l'ISO 28000 — Partie 4: Lignes directrices spécifiques supplémentaires concernant la mise en oeuvre de l'ISO 28000 si la conformité à l'ISO 28001 est un objectif de management (ISO 28004-4:2014)
Date de publication
03.100.01 Organisation et gestion d'entreprise en général
Sommaire :
This part of ISO 28004 provides additional guidance for organizations adopting ISO 28000 that also wish to incorporate the Best Practices identified in ISO 28001 as a management objective on their international supply chains. The Best Practices in ISO 28001 both help organizations establish and document levels of security within an international supply chain and facilitate validation in national Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) programmes that are designed in accordance with the World Customs Organization (WCO) Framework of Standards. This part of ISO 28004 is not designed as a standalone document. The main body of ISO 28004-1 provides significant guidance pertaining to required inputs, processes, outputs and other elements required by ISO 28000. This part of ISO 28004 provides additional specific guidance on implementing ISO 28000 if compliance with ISO 28001 is a management objective. Some requirements specified in the WCO AEO programme are government functions and are not addressed in the ISO international standards. These include: — Demonstrated Compliance with Customs Requirements. Customs are to take into account the demonstrated compliance history of a prospective AEO when considering the request for AEO status. — Satisfactory System for Management of Commercial Records. The AEO is to maintain timely, accurate, complete and verifiable records relating to import and export. Maintenance of verifiable commercial records is an essential element in the security of the international trade supply chain. — Financial Viability. Financial viability of the AEO is an important indicator of an ability to maintain and improve upon measures to secure the supply chain. — Consultation, Co-operation and Communication. Customs, other competent authorities and the AEO at all levels ― international, national and local ― should consult regularly on matters of mutual interest, including supply chain security and facilitation measures, in a manner which will not jeopardize enforcement activities. The results of this consultation should contribute to Customs development and maintenance of its risk management strategy.
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