Standard NBN EN 12184:2014

Electrically powered wheelchairs, scooters and their chargers - Requirements and test methods
Publication date
Replaced by
11.180.10 Aids and adaptation for moving
Summary :
This European Standard specifies requirements and test methods for electrically powered wheelchairs, including electrically powered scooters with three or more wheels, with a maximum speed not exceeding 15 km/h intended to carry one person of mass not greater than 300 kg. It also specifies requirements and test methods for battery chargers for wheelchairs and scooters. This European Standard does not apply in total to: - electrically powered wheelchairs intended for special purposes, such as sports, showering or toileting, - manual wheelchairs with handrim-activated power-assisted propulsion, - custom-made electrically powered wheelchairs, - electrically powered stand-up wheelchairs, - manual wheelchairs with add-on power kits used for propulsion and - electrically powered office chairs. NOTE Requirements for manually propelled wheelchairs are specified in EN 12183.
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