ISO 14001 - Environmental management

Want to get your environmental management up to speed? You can do this with the international standard ISO 14001.
Environmental management

Improve your environmental performance with ISO 14001

There is no planet B! Fortunately, as an organisation , there are many things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. Want to get your environmental management right? Then work with the international standard ISO 14001.

The benefits for your organisation

ISO 14001 helps improve your environmental performance. But it also offers your organisation additional advantages:

  • Legal resource

    By working with an environmental management system, you are testing your operation against both current and future environmental performance regulations.

  • Lower costs

    Interested in keeping your expenses under control? Thanks to ISO 14001, you're making better use of your resources, taking a close look at your energy efficiency and making intelligent waste management work.

  • Increased customer confidence

    Sustainability is a top priority for both consumers and businesses in today's world. Committing to good environmental performance builds a sustainable reputation and strengthens trust.

  • More engagement

    Are you making the climate a priority with an environmental management system? If so, you’re ensuring that management plays a more active role. What’s more, you’re encouraging your employees to get involved too.

  • Suited to your needs

    Public sector? Private? Large or small? Every organisation, regardless of sector, can apply this standard in a way that meets their needs.

  • International prestige

    Are you working to an internationally recognised ISO standard? Then your credibility gets a big boost at the negotiating table.

  • Internal knowledge building

    Because you have to accurately document all environmental indicators and communicate about them regularly, you build a solid internal expertise.

  • In line with the SDG's

    Are you working with an environmental management system? Then you’re contributing to many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs. For example, SDG 6 (clean water and sanitation), SDG 7 (affordable and sustainable energy), SDG 11 (sustainable cities and communities), SDG 12 (responsible consumption and production), SDG 13 (climate action), SDG 14 (life in water) and SDG 15 (life on land).

Get your certificate

ISO 14001 is the second most popular standard worldwide when it comes to certification. Only ISO 9001 scores higher.

What makes this certification so interesting?

  • External audits allow management to better identify and manage risks. This also applies to compliance with environmental laws and regulations. With a certificate, you have even more certainty.
  • You don't just say you comply with all environmental regulations. You also prove it. A certificate is good for your image and creates trust with your prospects, customers, suppliers, shareholders, partners and employees.
  • As a certified organisation, your chances of winning tenders increase. In fact, more and more government bodies are making strong environmental performance a condition for awarding tenders.
  • Getting certified means regular audits. Which means your environmental performance keeps getting better and better.

Want to know more about certification? You can read all about it here.

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Higher sales: You constantly respond to the needs of your customers and increase their satisfaction. This is how you put them first. Result: you ensure customer loyalty, attract new customers and increase your turnover.
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Demonstrable quality: With the ISO 9001 quality management system, you show your customers and other stakeholders that you provide reliable products or services.
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Lower costs: Thanks to the four-step cycle, you reduce the likelihood of errors. Your organisation also works more efficiently, reducing the time and resources you need to invest in it.
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Greater flexibility: You put a strong focus on risks and opportunities. This allows you to respond optimally to changes in the market and within your organisation. Thanks to this high adaptability, you stay one step ahead of the competition.
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New markets: Does your organisation operate internationally? Then ISO 9001 is an important tool for bringing in new customers.
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Greater customer satisfaction: You don't just say you’re customer-centric, you show you are. You do this by meeting, or even exceeding, your customers’ expectations and needs.
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Better overview: You evaluate your entire organisation. This gives you a strong foundation for your business goals and for uncovering new opportunities.
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Tailored to each organisation: You can use ISO 9001 for any type of organisation, whether small or large, private or public, NGO, college, hospital, etc.
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Strong commitment: You actively involve your own employees in the quality management system. This gives them more responsibility and trust, leading to higher productivity and satisfaction in the workplace.

Getting started with ISO 14001

Want to get your environmental performance up to speed? Go for the international standard ISO 14001. This will immediately give you a handy overview of all the requirements for an effective environmental management system.

Want to know how to implement ISO 14001? Then follow the online basic training or the Master Track .The online basic training consists of an interactive learning platform about ISO 14001. This allows you to quickly learn the basics about environmental management, environmental impact and the international standard using theory, examples, videos and exercises.  

Want to expand your expertise on environmental management? Then follow our Master Track. This course consists of four parts: an introduction to ISO 14001, two classroom-based sessions, and a final test with a presentation.

Read more about the Master Track NL

Read more about the Master Track FR

One step further?

Ready to fine-tune the quality of your environmental management even more? Then take a look at the other standards in the ISO 14000 series, which helps organisations with their environmental responsibilities.

Find the standards you are looking for here

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