New fuel labels for service stations: order your labels today from the NBN

As from 12 October 2018, all filling station operators in Belgium – and in Europe – must have replaced the existing fuel labels on their fuel pumps and guns by the new European fuel identifiers. The new, harmonized fuel labels (around 28 in total) mark the different types of fuel available at the pump – from gasoline and diesel fuel thru’ to hydrogen and gas. The labels were designed to help consumers easily choose the correct fuel for their vehicles. You can order the Belgian labels for example from the NBN.

Clarity for consumers

Until today, every European fuel-dispensing unit had a label that indicates what type of fuel it provides. Those fuel identifiers, however, differ greatly from country to country. The different shapes, colours and languages are sometimes confusing for consumers, leading to misfuelling. 

In order to prevent this, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) published the EN 16942 standard standard in October 2016. The standard describes the shape, size and colour of the labels and specifies where the fuel identification label must be placed. As newly-produced vehicles will be fitted with a similar label on the fuel filler neck, it will be easier for drivers to see what fuel is compatible for use with their vehicle.

The new labels indicate what type of fuel is available via simple black-and-white symbols.

Belgian version of European standard

The standard for these labels was developed by a European team but every country is allowed to slightly customize the fuel identifiers. In Belgium, the labels are available in Dutch and French and mention the NBN that rolls out the standard in Belgium and sells the labels.

Order your fuel identifiers from NBN

The NBN, together with its sectoral operators, is the Belgian knowledge centre for all activities related to standardisation. We help businesses, consumers, public authorities and other stakeholders strive  for higher quality by providing services related to the development, publication, dissemination and use of standards. In addition, NBN provides training on the use of management standards. 

Order your labels here

The price of the labels depends on the total number of labels ordered per order:

 ≥ 500 labels: €2.00/label
100-499 labels: €2.50/label
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100 stickers: €3.00/sticker

Do you need more information on the new standard and fuel identifiers? Get in touch with us or download the brochures “Fuel labelling for road vehicles”: