Who is involved

Many parties are involved in standards development. In addition to NBN, sectoral operators and international institutions also contribute.

These parties lead standards development in the right direction

Many parties are involved in the development of standards. Think of specialists from: government agencies, small and large companies and organisations; educational institutions, sector federations, civil society organisations, ... All want to contribute and share their expertise. NBN thus brings together experts from all sectors. May we welcome you too soon?

Sector operators: the right hand of NBN

NBN manages Belgian participation in standards development. It brings together people like you who have a lot of knowledge and experience in a particular field. Such a meeting is called a 'standards committee'.

These standards committees are often managed by NBN itself. Nevertheless, sectoral operators (SOs) are also a crucial part of the standardisation process. They also run standards committees and are responsible for the administrative and technical follow-up.

SOs connect the experts with NBN. They also ensure that all stakeholders can participate in the standardisation process.

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Which international bodies are involved in standardisation?

The standardisation process is in the hands of recognised standardisation bodies. These work at different levels. For example, there is:

  • NBN for Belgian standards;
  • CEN for European standards;
  • ISO for worldwide standards.

As a Belgian member of CEN and ISO, NBN naturally also participates in European and international standards.

There are also some specialised standardisation bodies:

  • CENELEC is the European standardisation committee for electrotechnical standards.
  • ETSI is responsible for European standards in telecommunications.
  • IEC is the international standards committee for all electrical, electronic and related technologies
  • ITU-T stands for international standards in telecommunications

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Standards are enormously important to us. So is standards development. As an innovative Organisation , we invest heavily in standards development, because technological evolution is very rapid. Our objective is therefore to keep improving the state of the art and integrating it into standards, for the benefit of all our users.

Wim Stockx
sales, marketing and product manager at Schindler, manufacturer of elevators and escalators

Webinar "Standardization - The Basics"

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Participate in standards development yourself

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