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20/06/2024 - 21/06/2024
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Brussels & online (hybrid)
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Learn how you can contribute to standards development and share your knowledge in a standards committee. Find out how standards are developed and get guidance on writing high-quality standards.
The NBN hosts three sessions a year: March, June and October.

NBN is now organizing classroom hybrid training courses. You can choose in the registration form to take it online or come to our offices. Practically, some things are therefore changing:

  • The training days will be split into 2 days. When registering, please indicate whether you are following 1 day or both days. You can indicate this at the bottom under 'date' in the registration form.
  • Are you participating online? We will be working in MS Teams. We ask that you always activate your camera to promote interactivity. Turn on your microphone only when you want to say something, to minimize background noise.
  • Do you have a colleague who would also like to take the training? He/she can definitely still join!
  • A sandwich lunch will be provided for participants attending the classroom training.
  • Below is an overview of training times:

Part 1: 09:00 - 17:00

Part 2: 09:00 - 15:00

NBN training to become an expert

Master standardisation procedures and learn how to write a good standard, from A to Z. The NBN hosts three sessions a year: March, June and October.

Register as an expert

Why participate?

Purpose of this training:

  • You will learn all about standards and the standardisation context in Belgium.
  • You will be introduced to the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN).
  • You will discover all about the development of international, European and national standards.
  • You understand the importance of harmonized standards.
  • You'll get lots of tips for writing a good standard.

Program Part 1: standardisation in Belgium

Introduction to standardisation in Belgium

  • What are standards?
  • Standardisation in Belgium
  • Why participate?
  • Standards and legislation

Developing standards

  • Rules and principles of the Belgian commission
  • Development of international, European and national standards
  • International, European and national work rules

Online platforms and tools for voting

  • Consult
  • Giving feedback
  • Vote

Creating rules for users of standards

  • Intellectual property and copyright
  • Structure and main elements of a standard

Want to know more about standards development now?

Follow the free e-learning "Introduction to Standardization" and get acquainted with NBN and understand what a standard is through examples. Learn about the standards development process, with a specific focus on the actors involved and essential key concepts. A must for anyone who wants to learn more about standardization and possibly play a role in this world.

Start the e-learning

Program part 2: designing rules

  • What does a standard include?
  • What are the basic principles for creating a standard?
  • What rules do CEN and ISO have for drafting a standard?
  • Does the NBN have specific rules?
  • How do you use the templates?


  • Do I have to pay to participate in the training(s)?
    Participation is free. If you choose to attend the classical training, if you cancel less than 48 working hours before the session, we will invoice you 75 euros (excluding 21% VAT) to cover the costs incurred. You are not an expert? Even then you can take the training. Click here to become an expert.‍
  • Are trainings repeated?
    Yes, we organize the same training(s) 3 times a year. Would you like to be informed about the agenda? Let us know via email.‍
  • Is the number of places limited?
    Yes, there is a limited number of places. So registering quickly is the message.‍
  • Where do the trainings take place?
    Currently, classroom (NBN office) or online (via MS Teams).
  • What language are the courses taught in?
    The slides are in English. The presentations are also currently given only in English.
  • Will I receive the presentations?
    Yes, prior to the training you will receive an email with the presentations.

Want to know more?

Contact us if you have any further questions.

NBN expert training
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Brussels & online (hybrid)
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20/06/2024 - 21/06/2024
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