Advantages of the NBN platform

How can you manage your standards efficiently and in a copyright-compliant way? When you have a subscription to the NBN platform, standards management is simple. Discover all the advantages on this page.
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Purchasing an individual standard is fast and easy via the NBN webshop. However, it's important to note that all standards purchased through NBN are protected by copyright. This means they are intended for personal use only, and may not be copied or reproduced. You can find more information on standards and copyright here.

Depending on the number of users, the number of standards, or the need for the latest versions, a subscription to the NBN platform may be the best solution.

With a subscription to the NBN platform...

You work in a copyright-compliant way

So you can legally share and manage standards across your organisation, whether users are in Belgium, China or the United States.

You're always up to date

You always have access to the latest version of the standards you're subscribed to. You even get notified of new versions of standards you've marked as favourites.

You have all available languages

The platform is available in 4 languages (Dutch, English, French, and German) and you immediately have all available language versions of the standards in your collection.

You save money and time

Avoid duplicate purchases and outdated versions of standards. Your whole organisation has fast, easy access from anywhere.

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Explore the different formulas and find the one best suited to your organisation. Still not sure? The NBN team is on hand to help you and your organisation make the best choice.

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How does the platform work?

Curious about what the NBN platform looks like and what you can do with it? Find out in our video guide to the NBN platform.

Explore the look and feel of our platform and see how it can transform your standards management.
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What clients say about the NBN platform

Having all standards on one platform is an incredible asset. Plus, any employee can access the platform at any time and from any location. NBN hasn't missed the digital train, which is great.
Alain Dragon
Engineering Studies Manager - Fluxys
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Via the platform, we have easy access to all relevant standards, in several languages. A request for a new standard gets processed at lightning speed, so we can immediately advance with our work.
Vera De Glas
R&D Engineer - Sioen
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